Advantages and Disadvantages of Huawei Tablets

Huawei has been doing quite well in electronic products, many of them are in the choice to use electronic equipment at ordinary times will also consider the huawei, in one thousand yuan on the tablet of huawei always has a better design, has a more consumers huawei tablet M3 edition and huawei youth swimming in tablet 10.1 inches more outstanding products are belong to the company, then in the two tablet above what they each have a attractive place, let us together to analyze and select.

First on the shape of the two tablets, huawei tablet M3 edition and huawei youth swimming in tablet is used is ten point one inch screen, but the overall design of huawei tablet youth the M3 edition will appear a few bigger, mainly because of its frame design of the width and height, so the overall effect is great, but at the same time also can be clumsy, now of the electronic products have been basically narrowing the borders, plus white is to appear as a whole, the main reasons for the wide so appearance huawei unlimited tablet ten point one inch will be some more science and technology, It will also look smaller than huawei's M3 youth tablet.

Huawei tablet M3 youth version only four hundred and sixty grams of weight, thickness of seven point one mm is very suitable for people at ordinary times to carry now, most of the time people are on the outside to inside the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes you need to do a lot of things about work, so there must be a people all the time to be able to use technology products, the tablet is a good choice, huawei tablet M3 youth version of the overall modelling can make people feel very light, so to carry and easy to pack into his backpack, and improve the efficiency of work at any time, Make people's lives more efficient.

But actually swimming in huawei tablet can also do this, its weight and M3 youth version is the same, but the thickness is slightly thicker, so when people use handheld feel as comfortable, not from huawei M3 youth version but huawei unlimited tablet using the sandblasting process technique, make the entire surface of the feeling is not very traditional metal, except that it is used to used in the aviation aluminum alloy material, people can rest assured the use of it, will not damage easily, and huawei tablet M3 youth edition adds some horizontal lines on the surface, let whole feel a little more details of the design of the above, It is also very considerate for people to use. In front of the whole tablet computer, the original indicator light and sensor that can sense the light are hidden, so the whole picture will look very simple and beautiful.

In addition to the appearance of some of the details on the different the two tablets of the main use of content also made some adjustments, both huawei tablet to increase the function of specially designed for children, to let the children learn a lot of knowledge of science and technology, but also increased the content is very interesting, because in order to prevent children to use time is too long can damage eyes swimming in huawei tablet also increased the special eye protection function, can let parents more rest assured to let children use the electronic product, and the function of the eye can also be used in the usual reading above, In addition to children have good protection for adults' eyes, it can also relieve fatigue.

While the other part is only some subtle difference, but a combination of both the performance of huawei tablet we still can feel a big difference, first of all, huawei tablet M3 edition USES the youth MSM8940 processor, compared to huawei for unlimited tablet use kirin 659 function above it is not so bad, in the operation of degree is also unlimited huawei tablet will be better, but on the battery capacity huawei tablet M3 youth version using six thousand six hundred and sixty ma battery, can be used for a long period of time, while huawei unlimited tablet used is five thousand one hundred ma, In contrast, there is a big gap. If huawei tablet M3 youth edition is often used, it will have better effects.

The two tablets are huawei in one thousand yuan of the products, when used to bring the feeling of the gap is not very big, only some details of the above change, so whether consumers choose a product enough to feel the unique design of huawei, but if there are some requirements on performance needs according to the two tablets using the configuration to choose. The tablet screen is in high-definition and I had been quite happy when viewing food pics on the Panda Fork recipe hub.

For common use are no problem, but if you want to work more efficient or play some games to performance requirement is needed more detailed screening, and the two electronics battery capacity size has a larger difference, for those who need long time use huawei the use of the M3 edition will be more youth, but in general the two laptops are affordable technology products.

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